I am a photographic artist currently based in Hong Kong, originated from Hong Kong.

Back to 2008, I decided to pursue my passion in art and photography.  My art education started from Hong Kong Art School to Speos Paris Photographic Institute with the achievement of obtaining an European Master in Photography.

In Paris, I participated in a few group exhibitions with my fellow classmates in art and photography, and I also received Honourable Mention Awards from international competitions including International Photography Awards Competition (ipa) in US and Prix de la Photographie Paris Competition (px3).

During my stay in Paris, I emerged myself totally in the French culture and my favourite things to do were to stroll around the streets and the parks, as well as to go to exhibitions.  Paris at night is also my favourite part for its beautiful light.  

In November 2017, I returned Hong Kong and have been continuing creating my art projects in my city.    

Art Education

2013 Aug  European Master in Photography, Spéos International Photography School, Paris, France  

2011 Aug      Higher Diploma in Fine Art, Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong


Photography projects mainly relate to nature, architecture, human's living in their environment and portraits with specific themes.


My inspirations are mainly from the nature as well as the master art pieces along the history of art.

Facing the nature makes me becoming much aware of my presence from the awakening of consciousness.  I connect not only with the nature itself but also the environment around me, everything unite to be one and become infinite.  This helps me understand more about myself, as well as the other dimensions of my surrounding.  In addition, I am always moved by the arts from the masters along the history, by the beauties, by the aesthetic, by the techniques and by the underlying concepts. 

I am also interested in cultural aspects of cities and has lots of respects to the traditions. 


2018 July - "All of a Sudden the Fog comes" was awarded Winner of WMA Open Photo Contest 2018, Hong Kong

2015 July - “Memories of An Absence” was awarded Honourable Mention in the Fine Art People Category in the 2015 Prix de la Photographie Paris Competition (PX3), France   

2014 November - “Memories of An Absence” was awarded Honourable Mention in the Fine Art Portrait Category in the 2014 International Photography Awards Competition (ipa), United States

2014 July - “The Deformation of Narcissus” was awarded Honourable Mention in the Fine Art People Category in the 2014 Prix de la Photographie Paris Competition (PX3), France   

Private Collection

Robert Kee (Hong Kong / United States)

Exhibition/Artist Residency

2021 March to April - "Poetry of Life", group exhibition, Hong Kong

2020 November to 2021 January - "Unknown Asia Extra" 2020, Daibiru Building, Osaka, Japan

2020 September - "With Light - We Can Conquer Our Fear", Solo Exhibition as part of the KG+2020, Kyotographie Satellite event, ONE AND ONLY gallery approach, Kyoto, Japan

2020 April-May - "With Light - We Can Conquer Our Fear", Solo Exhibition, PMQ, Hong Kong

2020 January - "Anyway the wind blows", Solo Exhibition, Galerie Spéos, Paris, France 

2019 November - "Unknown Asia Extra" 2019, Daibiru Building, Osaka, Japan

2019 October - "Unknown Asia", Grand Front Osaka, Japan

2019 August - "Anyway the wind blows", Solo Exhibition, Gather Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2019 Jun-Oct - Wonder Foto x Backyard Select, YenPasture, Changhua, Taiwan

2019 April - Wonder Foto Day, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2019 February - "Transition", WMA Open HK Exhibition, Hong Kong

2018 December - "Dark Island" was exhibited during "Black Xmas" at Parallel Space, Hong Kong. 

2018 July - Photography Residency and Final Photo Showcase, Baer Art Center, Höfdaströnd, Iceland

2018 April - "infinite", Solo Exhibition as part of the KG+2018, Kyotographie Satellite event, Kaho Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2013 May - ”Landscape”, End-of-the-year Exhibition at Speos Photographic Institute, Paris, France

2013 Feburary - Photo Showcase of “Materia” Dance Workshop, Paris, France

2011 July - ”Naked”, Graduation Exhibition at Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong

2010 March - ”Printing Memory”, Open Air Exhibition at Wing Lee Street, Hong Kong

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