It was not a normal day. Fog had been spreading around the city since the morning. High-rises were partially covered by them and they were getting lower and lower. Gradually they invaded the beaches silently. The sky was grey, the water was cold, and the visions were blurred. Definitely it was not one fine beach day. However when I looked at the people there, they were having their normal beach activities as if it were a sunny day; sunbathing, swimming, reading and playing. There were all enjoying and happy, and the heavy fog did not impose them any interruption. I see that these people chose to accept the situation and lived their lives as normal, be present and with hope.

Life always have unexpected things happen, which could be with difficulty, disappointment, or with sorrow. Under these situations, to my belief, it is all about how we adjust our consciousness to conceive and deal with our emotions and choose consequence reactions to get them over. Same as these people, I also choose to live my life as normal, be present and always have hope. As I know, at the end, everything are transient and they will pass and be over. I also believe, we are the one who choose how we live, and not to be told what we should live.

This series was awarded Winner of the WMA Open Photo Contest 2018 in Hong Kong.

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