Human beings, no matter what century they are in, they all act or feel the same under certain given situations. Humanity it is. In this series, all the models are my friends and w hen time passes by I have known their personality, character, emotion, belief or value. For all of them, I mapped his or hers with an art form, which could be a painting, a sculpture, an art movement, or an art topic, and the reason being, art is a reflection of oneself. I am interested in people, I love to observe them and to realise what kind of person he or she is. I want to have my portraits that could show people’s inner worlds instead of just something on the surface.

PeiYun in her “Little Chamber”

PeiYun lives alone in her little chamber in Paris.  Inspiration: “Hotel Room” by Edward Hopper. info
“Angelus” by Promodh

Love reading, looking for wisdom and love, giving thanks to the universe for the inspiration of life.  Here is Promodh, who is from Mauritius and studied in India.  Inspiration:  ”Angelus” by Jean-Fransc info
Irene, A “Girl working at an open window”

Focus focus, time is running out.  Inspiration:  ”Girl reading a letter at an open window” by Jan Vermeer. info
“Arielle & Melusine in the house" 

Love connection between a mother and a daughter.  Inspiration: “Belle and Ida by the window” by Marc Chagall. info
“The Sick Girl” Zoe"

A girl who always feels unwell hoping for the recovery of health.  Inspiration: “The Sick Child” by Edvard Munch. info
“Georg of Austria" 

A decent gentleman, Georg, who possesses also a sense of humour with sarcasm which is not always been shown.  In most of the King’s portraits, you could only see a gentleman without any expression in the info
Kanan is “Colour and form on a canvas”

Kanan, a cheerful young girl , who acted as colour and form on a canvas.  Inspiration:  Paintings by Jean Miro, who liked to paint with forms in vivid colours. info
“The Contemplated Colette” - Auto Portrait

I believe, everything in our earthly life is transient.  ”Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.”  Inspiration:  ”The Penitent Magdalen” by Georges de la Tour. info
“I know how you must feel, Chris…”

A family man with his wife in Malaysia comes to Paris to pursue the advancement of his career.  Inspiration:  Nostalgic paintings by Georgio de Chirico, such as “Mystery and Melancholy of t info
Kathleen, “A young girl making up herself”

Kathleen, a young happy girl  from Venezuela, who enjoys her life so much even on just daily matters.  Inspiration from the idea of Impressionism movement, which emphasis on moments info
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