Invitation to Unknown Asia Extra Asian Art Exchange 2019

I was flattered to have the opportunity to be in this “Extra” exhibition as only 16 artists out of 300 were invited to show their works for another month in Osaka.  On the opening day, there was an artist tour and every artist had a time slot to present our works to the audiences.  What really made my day was, out of my expectation, there was an art journalist there among the crowd and he wrote a really nice and positive review about my new photo series “Light will prevail”.  I was glad that the art I made could touch people’s heart and they could feel me through my artworks.  This is the most happiest thing for an artist I guess, at least for me.  I was moved too when I read it.  Thank you Toshikazu Masaki-san from Sankei News Paper for the review.  Last but not least, thank you very much Unknown Asia and Daibiru Corporation for having me.      

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