WMA Open Exhibition in Hong Kong

Following the winning of the WMA Open Photo Contest in 2018, I am honoured to be invited to exhibit my awarded photography works, together with the other 9 artists’ works, in the new WMA Space in Hong Kong. Thank you very much WYNG Foundation for this opportunity.  


Date: 18 Feb - 15 Mar 2019

Opening hours: 10am - 7pm Monday to Sunday

Venue: WMA Space, 8/F Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 23-29 Wing Wo Street, Central, Hong Kong 

This exhibition, curated by Hilda Chan and Iven Cheung, showcases photographic works of the 3 winners for the annual theme “Transition” including Caleb FUNGSuet-sum LAI, and SHEK Chun Yinand 7 finalists including CHEUNG Siu HoiKOU Choi SinLO Yuen ChingSIU Wai HangMono TUNG Chiu OnBeatrice WONG and WONG Sanders.  

Curators’ Words

Ten artists with completely different backgrounds and experience brought their unique insights to bear on the theme of ‘Transition’. From individual stories full of memories and poetry, to studies of urban development patterns, from reflections on photography as an artistic medium, to the search for historical memories buried in obscure corners of the city, they use their lenses to expand our awareness of the time and space through which we are transitioning.

Art spaces are in a continuous state of ‘transition’, with curators and managers constantly planning, mounting, and taking down exhibitions. With every opening, new opportunities and possibilities take shape. While celebrating the first exhibition in the WMA Space, we are also eagerly looking forward to future exhibitions and the impactful new works they will bring.

My comtemplation with the nature in Spain

I was alone on this peaceful day by the coastline of Llanes, a town in the north of Spain, contemplating with the sea, the wave, the bird and the wind. The way I shot was the way I tried to capture what I felt at that moment.  It’s poetic in a way.  

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