Artist Residency in North Iceland July 2018

It was such a precious experience to be with the Baer Art Centre for an Artist Residency this July.  The Nordic style art centre is magnificent, simple, peaceful, clam but stylist.  We were 5 photographers and we all had our own studio, very big and comfortable, to live and to work.  We were not restricted but told to be free to create whatever we wanted based on our own artistic way and style.  It’s July, so the mid-night sun was there.  The sky was always bright and the sun was set only at 2am normally (and some time it was never set).  Because of this, we had plenty of time every day to take photos; with different lighting, different atmosphere, even we were in the same place.  Some time we went out alone and some time we went out with others.  I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from others, as well as having individual time to face my own self in front of the nature.  Given what I have been offered, I would say, this is one of the best art experiences in my life.  Thank you very much Steinunn for offering me this opportunity.  More photos from this residency will be up on my website.  Stay tuned!  :)             

Winning of the WMA Open Hong Kong 2018 “Transition”

I am so glad to be the winner of the WMA Open 2018 in Hong Kong.  The winning series was named “All of a Sudden the Fog Comes” in response to the theme “Transition” of this open call.  Thank you very much WYNG Foundation for granting me this award.  Here is the announcement of the winners and the finalists back in July 2018.   


It was not a normal day.  Fog had been spreading around the city since the morning.  High-rises were partially covered by them and they were getting lower and lower.  Gradually they invaded the beaches silently.  The sky was grey, the water was cold, and the visions were blurred.  Definitely it was not one fine beach day.  However when I looked at the people there, they were having their normal beach activities as if it were a sunny day; sunbathing, swimming, reading and playing.  There were all enjoying and happy, and the heavy fog did not impose them any interruption.  I see that these people chose the accept the situation and lived their lives as normal, be present and with hope.

Life always have unexpected things happen, which could be with difficulty, disappointment, or with sorrow.  Under these situations, to my belief, it is all about how we adjust our consciousness to conceive and deal with our emotions and choose consequence reactions to get them over.  Same as these people, I also choose to live my life as normal, be present and always have hope, even under emotional crisis in a certain period of my life.  As I know, at the end, everything are transient and they will pass and be over.  I also believe, we are the one who choose how we live, and not to be told what we should live.  


My solo exhibition “infinite” @ Kyotographie KG+ Satellite Program 2018 京都寫真祭 2018 個人攝影展

The participation in the Kyotographie KG+ 2018 is one of the best time I have ever had, for the experiences to curate and set up an exhibition, for gaining the greatest supports from Mr. Kaho, the gallery director, who allowed me to hold my exhibition in his gallery, and for the interactive sharing with my audiences and the fellow artists.  Tons and tons of learnings for me, and I am sure this would help me improving myself on many different aspects, not only on the art creation side, but also something on my personal level.  I am really grateful to be part of this photo festival in Kyoto. 

Last but not least, thank you very much to Mr. Kaho, Kallen, Laputa and Antan for the help, the advices and/or the sponsors.  Big big thank you to my dear friends, Takako, Tak, Rei, Alice, Riane, Andrew & the family and Aurelien, who made a trip to Kyoto for visiting my exhibition, and also to my other dear friends & my family who always showed great support to me.  :)          

7 of the photos in the exhibition are here:-  Life Accidents and Moments

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